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Our achievements

Objective: to help orphans and children in need by providing accomodation, education, health care, moral and mental development.

Map of Vietnam with Hoa Mai orphanages

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3 Hoa Mai orphanages have been built in Vietnam:

  1. Hoa Mai Can Tho (built in 1992 in the Mekong delta region)
    869 Quoc Lô 1, Cai Tac, Châu Thành A, Hâu Giang,
    Phone: +84 (0)7113 848 336
    Email: hoamaicantho1 [at]

  2. Hoa Mai Vi Thanh (built in 1996)
    1 Lê Hong Phong, Vi Thanh, Hâu Giang,
    Phone: +84 (0)7113 876 626
    Email: nhatrehoamaivithanh [at]

  3. Hoa Mai Da Nang (built in 2000, then rebuilt in 2014)
    45 Phuong Hoa Quy, Quan Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang
    Phone: +84 (0)5113 969 404.

We also intervene outside Hoa Mai orphanages:

We organize spring and summer trips to visit the orphanages, schools and to conduct medical missions in isolated regions.

Our resources

The sponsorship and the donations are our main resources. The regular events we organize also raise funds, such as the Têt celebration (Vietnamese New Year), Asian markets, sales of arts and crafts and greeting cards, exhibitions, concerts, shows, conferences, film screenings, courses in several areas (cooking, arts and crafts, well-being).