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April 2017

We'd like to send a big thank you to Wendy, Pauline, Lucie et Anaïs, students at the Lycée Albert Schweitzer in Champs sur Yonne, who organised a sale of Vietnamese handicrafts at the Open Day of their school. All proceeds went to the ASSORV and were used to buy books to the delight of our kids in Hoa Mai Can Tho.


Recent and upcoming events

11/04: Presentation of the ASSORV at the Open Day of the Lycée Albert Schweitzer in Champs sur Yonne.

30/04: Wild garlic day and spring outing

01/10: Vietamese plants day at the garden of vegetables and exotic spices of Saint Bris le Vineux

A little group of messengers travelled to Vietnam to see our little ones in February and came back with a summary of their 3-week trip. Read here (in French).

In Vietnam

Some news from Vietnam (video in Vietnamese)

Who we are


We are a non-profit organization under the French law of 1901, founded in 1992 in the Val de Marne department.

Our aim is to support any effort to help orphans and children in need, and to work with other organizations toward the same goal.