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Two of our board members, Emmanuelle et Sylvie, started their trip to Vietnam on July 17th, carrying all the mail from our sponsors to our children in our 3 orphanages. The trip will include a visit to our children in Cân Tho and holidays at the beach for those in Vi Thanh.

In Vietnam

Some news from Vietnam (video in Vietnamese)


Recent and upcoming events

Wed 15/08: Jean Perrotin's 90th birthday

Jean Perrotin

We're celebrating Jean Perrotin's 90th birthday in the garden of ASSORV CENTRE: 17 route de Champs in Saint Bris le Vineux. Jean is an active member who has been part of all our trips for 15 years, becoming a grandfather to our children in Vietnam.

As the number 9 is magic and old age is a blessing in Asia, the celebrations will be open to all, family, friends or ASSORV members. Friends with musical instruments are welcome. There will be a buffet for 25 euros per person (booking required). Donations to our children will be welcome for the purchase of school equipment (50 euros for a uniform, registration and school supplies for each of our 150 orphans), with a record for you to keep for tax purposes.

Volunteers who wish to take cooking classes on August 14th can register by email: tobichhai[at] On the menu: summer rolls, marinades for barbecues, salads from the permaculture garden...

Who we are


We are a non-profit organization under the French law of 1901, founded in 1992 in the Val de Marne department.

Our aim is to support any effort to help orphans and children in need, and to work with other organizations toward the same goal.