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Letters from ASSORV


Sponsorship allows children in Hoa Mai to live their life as the children they are, thanks to the regular contribution of sponsors. In 2012, it was 35 euros per month. Sponsorship ensures the basic needs of a child are fulfilled: 3 meals, a bed, clothes and shoes including mandatory regulatory uniforms, notebooks and school books, means of transport if needed (bikes most of the time), prevention, professional training, games, outings and healthcare. Sponsorship is a long-term commitment since it accompanies the child until his/her financial autonomy and allows him/her to become an independent, responsible adult.

Enfants et schoolbags - ASSORV

On the way to school

Through individual sponsorship, the sponsor knows the child and maintains a regular correspondence with him/her. He knows the conditions of life of the child before entering the orphanage, and follows his/her progress throughout the year. This relationship provides a new benchmark for the child. However, the moral commitment of sponsorship gives no legal rights to the sponsor on the sponsored child.

By sponsoring a project, a group or a project is supported. For instance, courses in foreign languages, tutoring, classes in drawing, painting or cooking... found occasional donors. These projects also include improvements of the children's living conditions in the orphanages: repairs of a roof, a cistern, a damaged wall, painting... or outings and summer holidays by the seaside or in the mountains. This sponsorship addresses donors who do not wish to have personal relationships with children, and who prefer to contribute to our programs by providing help and support to the ASSORV.